The Young Foundation

The Young Foundation brings together insights, innovation and entrepreneurship to meet social needs. It has a track record of over 50 years’ success with ventures such as the Open University, Which?, the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Healthline (the precursor of NHS Direct).

The Young foundation work covers health, ageing, education, communities and housing, justice, youth leadership, creative uses of the web and wellbeing addressing issues by carrying out research, launching collaboratives, creating new ventures, and advising national and local governments and other public agencies.

The Young Foundation collaborates with a wide range of organisations – from charities and businesses to governments and local authorities – using a comprehensive set of tools and approaches.


Their collaboration with The University of Northampton is part of the Social Entrepreneur in Residence programme, supported by the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts (NESTA), which develops promising ideas into new social enterprises, services and ventures to meet the growing challenges of the 21st century. The programme acts as a catalyst which works to achieve a cultural change so that innovation becomes part of an organisation’s ethos not a barrier to success. The SEiR programme has attracted national and international attention.

By combining social values with business acumen, social enterprises can create innovative and sustainable services, often delivering more for less. We are excited about the opportunity to have one of our Social Entrepreneurs in Residence at the University, placing them in the heart of the local community and adding to the capability of the third and voluntary sector.’

Joop Tanis, Head of Health Launchpad at The Young Foundation


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