Develop Your Idea

So you have a brilliant idea and some likeminded people working alongside you?
What are the next steps to developing your social enterprise idea?

Stage 1: Talk to people about your idea.

  • Networking is the new working
  • Put yourself out there
  • Take chances and be open minded
  • Engage your community

Stage 2: Do the ground work

Must haves:

  • Clear statement of the social problem and your idea
  • Is your idea new ?
  • Market research
  • Do you have a team to help you?
  • Clear evaluation

Nice to have:

  • Detailed review of existing services
  • Desk research – literature review

Stage 3: Map out your business model.

The business Model Generation Canvas (below) is a great visual way
of mapping out your idea. Have a look at this video for more info…


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