Introducing ‘We Do Ideas’ powered and pioneered by The University of Northampton in partnership with The Young Foundation 

We Do Ideas provides the platform for our students to share and develop their ideas into viable, income generating social ventures.

Lauched and initiated during Fresher’s 2011 and centring on a collaborative approach, the project at its core is about raw ideas, which will then be developed and shaped with business support and ultimately made reality in dragons den style pitch – ignite your idea – where up to £20,000 will be given away.

The projects innovation lies in the idea generation process which taps into peoples creativity by having idea stations and inspiration points around the university; idea walls, trees, bins, post boxes, toilet cubicles. We recognise the potential of that ‘out the box thinking’. Alongside this generation process there are a number of competitions, seminars and workshops to inspire and promote entrepreneurial activity and thinking. We do Ideas aspires to be more than just ideas but a combined movement of students and staff as a catalyst for cultural change to bring positive innovation and social enterprise to everyday university life and as a result providing us with  new social enterprises, services and ventures to meet the growing challenges of the 21st century.


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