Take The Fiver Challange

How Far Can You Go With a Fiver!

We Do Ideas Challanges you to Start your enterprenurial Journey Today!

This is a red paperclip: a seemingly small and obsolete object. But what if I told you that this paperclip over a year transformed into a Porsche 911 and a two story farmhouse in Canada? Don’t believe me? Google ‘Kyle MacDonald’ and you can see that this is a true story.

We don’t think that this ingenuity is just a one off, we believe that given the opportunity anyone could create something big from something small. Mark Zuckerburg started with his bedroom window, Richard Branson started with one record, what is stopping you from becoming the next big thing?

We want challange you to make what you can with a fiver. We Do Ideas knows that every person has a talent, and even though you may not have a fully-formed idea, you can use whatever you have at your disposal and actually make something happen!.This is a chance for you to show us what you are made of and we want you to wow us with your ingenuity.

For example, ingredients for cupcakes are £5 for 50 cupcakes. If you sold each of those cakes at an event for £1, then you could get your money back 10-fold and then use the profit to buy more ingredients and build up a following of people. You could spend extra money on different flavours, make special holiday cakes and even start selling different things like drinks as well. Slowly but surely, that £5 will start to get bigger and bigger the more you do with it.

This is just one idea. There are literally thousands and thousands of things you can do, but all you need to do is use your imagination and determination to drive it forward.

Let us know how you get on and see what others are up to!


2 thoughts on “Take The Fiver Challange”

  1. £5 Challenger caroline made £35 selling her paintings on face book and obtaining a commission for future paintings. She bought 2 picture frames with the £5 having bartered the shop keeper down on the price of the frames!!!! welldone Caroline thats a great achievement… the profit is going to be donated to ECL angling club to help young people from disadvantaged communities engage in fishing and raise self confidence and wellbeing ….. a great example of how enterprise can provide social benefits!

  2. Action Support’s FIVER challenge netted £70.43, so a £65 profit for Youth Advocacy expenses.

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