Get Involved

1. Group Activities & Projects

 Not got an Idea just yet? Need some more thinking time? Or just want to make friends? We Do Ideas is still for you! We Do Ideas is much more than ideas   it’s a movement of staff and students to bring about positive change. We have a number of group projects ready for you to innovatively make a difference.

There is something for every degree discipline and every time commitment.

2. Proposed Projects

  • What would you do with an empty church with £1000?
  • What could you change in one weekend with £50?
  • What could you do to change your community in 1 day with £1?

3. Become an Ideas Ambassador

Love what we do? Become an Ideas Ambassador and spread the world. Help        us support peoples ideas. Facilitate ideas sharing socials. Take We Do Ideas to      other Unis and be influential in making ideas a reality.Click here to find out how to apply

4. Support an Idea

You can make a difference simply by liking someone elses idea. There will be        stations around campus or join us on facebook and twitter. If you really like an       idea get in touch and get involved and help this person with the development       and delivery of their idea.

Interested in any of these things please email us at:


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