We Do Ideas Get Started Workshop – Thursday 17th October 2011

Date: 17th November 2011

Time: TBC

Location: TBC

This Workshop is Open to All Students!

We Do Ideas gets you started on your entrepreneurial journey and Workshop 1 gives you the opportunity to be inspired, make friends with both like-minded and different-minded people and ultimately get your idea started.

The workshop takes you through the ingredients and components you need to make an idea a reality and above all a success. The session helps you improve upon your existing ideas as well as generate new ones. 

This is the first step on your entrepreneurial journey.

We Do Ideas…Do You?


1 thought on “We Do Ideas Get Started Workshop – Thursday 17th October 2011”

  1. Feedback from previous workshops;
    ‘Spark Your Idea – an introduction to social venturing’ welcomed around 60 delegates, all with an interest in generating ideas for a social enterprise, or who had already submitted their ideas to the University. They took part in practical exercises on the day to define their ideas to help them submit a business plan for a social enterprise. Support came from Stuart Thomasson of The Young Foundation and Seun Oshinaike of Brighter Steppings.

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