As part of the Centre for Social Inovation Report on Camps and Competitions, We Do Ideas, or in this case its older brother, I Do Ideas, has been recognised as one of the global points of inspiration for open methods of social innovation. We have done it! Looking at the report, it highlights the uniqueness of the no-paper application process to get young people to make a positive change to their community. The idea of uploading a video and pitching an idea has shown to be quite popular and allowed the participants to get their passion across and use their creativity to push their idea forward.

I Do Ideas worked with young people aged between 13 and 19 to get them to think about some of the ways that they can help their local community, supported them by providing training and bespoke help and finally encouraging them to pitch for funding. Over the course of the first round, we were lucky enough to fund over 30 individuals with up to £1000 to get their project up and running. All of this work was done with the help of 02 Think Big and Unlimited and done under the umbrella of The Youth of Today Youth Leadership Fund with the Young Foundation. With this pilot, we knew that were definitely onto something and that there was a real appetite for young people to go their own way and tackle ever present social issues in their own innovative way. Thus, We Do Ideas was born!

We Do Ideas is a movement that encourages young people and students between the ages of 16 to 25 to set up innovative solutions to society’s growing social problems. We believe that the new generation hold the answers to today’s problems and we hope to tap into their creativity in order to fulfil our mission. As the report says, “there is no formula for innovation – it just appears” and we want to stimulate it in any way that we can. At the moment, We Do Ideas is working with the staff and students at Northampton University to inspire, create, support, help and fund the ideas that they have through the Social Entrepreneur in Residence programme.

We are flying the flag for social entreprise! With the ever increasing tuition fees and bills that students face, we want them to be able to support themselves, whilst doing something that they enjoy and also making a difference in their community. Whether that be feeding the homeless, making cupcakes or just a classic sponsored silence, we hope to get people thinking differently. With this rebranding of our current work, we not only want to build up on what we have already learnt, but to take it to a new audience and greatly diversify and improve the quality of the people that work with us. We are not just social innovators, but we want to be social pioneers and we hope with the students of Northampton behind us, nothing can stop us!

We Do Ideas…Do You?